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The Sales Management you need without having to hire a Sales Manager

What We Do!

We bring strategic solutions to our clients
in both sales and marketing.

Research & Analysis

We will asses where your sales team are currently. Research the product or service and industries they are relative to, then we will Analyse a way to integrate the Hudson Strategy.

Sales Strategy

We will train and implement the Hudson Strategy along with the Psychology of sales, building rapport along with changing strategies to suit your clients buying behavior.

Business Growth

After implementation we will work closely with you in the building and boosting of sales to ensure overall business growth, both inside and outside the box.

Why Choose Us?

We help you boost your conversion rate.

We will asses current and past KPI's, Targets and Turnovers. We will also assess and train your sales team to help them sell better, as well as implement the Hudson Strategy and training which will no doubt, with proven success, increase the total overall KPI's and Turnover.

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Our Services!

All kinds of Sales and Marketing Strategies to which we can implement, creating a better end result for our Clients.

Input & Output KPIs

We will assess your sales teams current KPI's. We will make adjustments and set new targets, assist your team in achieving the newly set targets, but more importantly your team will have a better understanding of KPI's and how they affect your sales output.

Digital Marketing

As an added feature we assist in achieving more traffic on your website, Facebook page and Instagram, which will assist in getting more organic customers.

Email Marketing

We will assist in database creation and/or additional databases for your company with our constantly growing database, which currently sits at over 313 000 clients in South Africa alone as of November 2019.


Our Clients are always happy with our services.

Thanks to Bruce and the Hudson Strategy we have accomplished 237% of our annual turnover for 2019 by September where the same date the previous year we had only reached 18% of our annual turnover before the Hudson Strategy was introduced. We as a multinational franchise went from last place performance to 2nd worldwide out of 22 branches. Thank you to Bruce and the Hudson Strategy.

Country Manager of Shred-It South Africa & Dubai Stericycle Group

Amazing Results produced by Bruce and the Hudson Strategy in just 1 month from start date which just got better every month over the 3 month service, thank you for turning my company around look forward to seeing you again in 6 months

CEO of Wego Medical

Wasnt to sure about the Hudson Strategy at first when it was referred to us, at the time we started looking to employ a new Sales Manager, however we made the decision, to try it before committing to employing a sales manager, was the best decision for us and now the only choice for us, due to us not only selling more, we save more money as well.

OWNER of Roka


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